Sweet pepper drops


Sweet pepper drops 850 ml are the 2013 flagship product !

Completely new in France, it is a variety of small teardrop-shaped red peppers, with a sweet-and-sour taste, unique because of its bright red colour and size.

Enhance your dishes with a unique, colorful, gourmet ingredient
This new small vegetable comes from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and will sublimate your salads, sandwiches or pizza toppings. Only one 850 ml can contains more than 300 drops !

Description : Mini sweet peppers from Amazonia
Ingredients : red mini peppers, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, ascorbic acid : E300, calcium chloride : E509
Origine : Peru
Net weight : 793g
Net drained weight: 325g
Capacity: 850 Ml
Best before: 3 years after production date ; store at room temperature.