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  • Barry Callebaut

    Callebaut, approved by Belgian chocolate makers

    We believe that when talents come together, something beautiful will grow out of it. Throughout our history, we have been inspired by the perfectionism of Belgian chocolate makers, to develop the premium chocolates they can rely on. In turn, our chocolates inspire them to new heights of creativity.

    Today Callebaut’s chocolate references such as 811 and 823 are chosen by confectioners, pastry chefs and chocolatiers all over the world. They have become global standards, often copied but never equalled in taste, quality and reliability.®

    We’re proud to offer you the Finest Belgian Chocolate

    There are many reasons why Callebaut is called the Finest Belgian Chocolate. For already 100 years, we have been making chocolate to be proud of in the heart of Belgium. To achieve this, we go to great lengths.

    Callebaut is still one of the rare chocolate makers to select, roast and grind cacao beans itself into its own secret and exclusive cocoa mass – the most important ingredient for chocolate couvertures. Only the best, rarest and most exclusive varieties of cocoa bean are selected. They are roasted in their entire shell to protect the most delicate aromas and yield a more intense, more complex and deeper cocoa flavour.

    Furthermore, Callebaut grinds all the ingredients extremely fine – much finer than most other chocolate makers. The ingredients are then conched with the same precision and patience until the texture, aroma, taste and flavours blend into perfection. Adding pure cocoa butter and a dash of natural vanilla rounds off the taste and texture of the chocolate. It’s at this moment that all ingredients become one and melt together on the tongue. It’s at this precious moment that the chocolate merits its stamp of quality and authenticity as “Callebaut Finest Belgian”.
    From cocoa bean to chocolate: Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Chocolates are produced with 100% Belgian craftsmanship.
  • Barbara Luijckx

    Barbara Luijckx Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturing company, established in 1991, specialised in the production of decorations from Belgian chocolate. Our target customers are confectionery and bakery sectors, including industrial-scale manufacturers who use chocolate products in their production processes. We also supply confectionery products for private labels.

    The production facilities include exceptionally innovative, state-of-the-art equipment used to process, mould and decorate chocolate to produce a variety of shapes and patterns. This enables us to meet our customers’ more and more demanding requirements on the fast-changing consumer markets.

    In order to guarantee a high quality of manufactured products the company has been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards. We also hold certificates of organic and kosher manufacturing processes.

    The company has its own training centre, operating under the name of the Academy of Skills “Inspiration”, where various inventive solutions are created. The Academy uses semi-finished chocolate products of its own Barima Artisanal brand, developed for the professionals.

    Broadly defined product innovation, professional sales services, openness, honesty and reliability towards customers are the core elements of our development strategy.
  • Martin Braun

    Profile & History
    Over 80 years of experience, a high rate of innovation and brand recognition of over 90 % in the baking craft, that’s the Martin Braun company. We are a leading company in the baking agents and aroma sector.

    Company Profile
    For more than 16,000 customers from the area of bakery or confectionary handicraft as well as industrial baking plants in Germany and confectioners across 70 countries around the world, Braun products are the byword for quality baking agents.

    Every year, 37,000 t leave the modern production facility in Hanover.
    A proprietary logistics centre situated on the plant grounds spanning 30,000 m² controls the optimum supply to customers.

    Martin Braun maintains its own subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Singapore. Thanks to on-site presence, the best requirements have been met for supplying bakers and confectioners with a wide array of quality products.
  • Corman

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  • Demarle
  • Brover
  • Eipro

    Of all the foods that Mother Nature gave us, hen’s eggs are one of the most valuable and, of course, also one of the most fragile. EIPRO-Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG takes this traditional foodstuff and turns it into a variety of marketable, processed egg products that offer premium quality and maximum safety.

    As part of our strategy, we are committed to the continuous development of our product range in accordance with the industry-specific wants and needs of our customers. This is fully in keeping with our motto of “With us, you’ll come to see eggs in a whole new light”, which is partly about implementing creative ideas and developing innovative egg products – for use in new and varied applications. A good example of this is our new organic range, which includes an impressive array of organic egg products that are bound to enable our customers to satisfy the market requirement for organic products.

    To help us always keep one step ahead and ensure that our range is always in line with demand, we use modern technology and are able to draw on our many years of experience. Consequently, requests for custom recipes or complex product requirements pose no problem for EIPRO.

    EIPRO’s innovation has always been and continues to be based on the expertise of our well-qualified employees. We think that helping each individual to achieve their full potential is extremely important. We see ourselves as a team and understand that targets can only be achieved by working together. Open-mindedness, loyalty and the ability to handle criticism are crucial to the success of the workplace.
  • IREKS GmbH

    IREKS – your strong partner

    As a partner of the bakeries, IREKS is known worldwide for first-class baking ingredients and creative product ideas. With manifold services we accompany bakers and confectioners in more than 90 countries as providers of ideas, consultants and problem-solvers.

    A team of over 2,400 employees is personally at the side of the bakers and confectioners all around the globe. This is mainly done by more than 400 highly-qualified Field Service staff from 30 nations – all master bakers and master confectioners.

    First-class baking ingredients, made from the best grain and other high quality natural raw materials, are combined at IREKS with creative product ideas and attractive recipes. In this way, we provide strong impulses with which each bakery can develop its own individual profile further.

    In addition, IREKS is a leading manufacturer of high quality brewing malts for numerous notable breweries. The divisions flavourings, ice-cream products and the agricultural trade round off the range offered by the Company Group.

    Here, every member of the IREKS family sees himself as a real partner of the customers.
  • Cresco italia

    Since 1970, Cresco has produced and distributed pre-products in powder and liquid form for the manufacture of confectionary products as well as ice cream .

    Today, the company ranks among the 10 leading vendors on the Italian market and serves ice cream parlours and pastry shops with 120 ice cream products as well as the traditional handicraft market with classical baking agents.
  • Lindemann GmbH & Co.

    Tradition meets innovation

    Tradition is our basis.
    We have been making margarines, fats and oils for more than 100 years.

    Innovation is our strength.
    According to the latest trends and market developments, we are continually working on building our main pillars:

    First-class quality guaranteed, including all our customized product solutions.

    Tailor-made concepts and on-trend recipes are created at our in-house research and development centre.

    Our factory in Bünde is one of the most modern and most efficient in Europe. We continually invest in our production facilities.

    Das LINDEMANN service concept is unique with its answers to all relevant customer requirements and desires.

    Social responsibility
    A responsible attitude to employees, customers and business associates.
  • Martellato

    Martellato offers a full range of equipment for professionals and cake design amateurs. New product line provides moulds and countermoulds, different accessories and pistils, tools and silicon rugs for sugar paste decoration, airbrush stencils and rilief decorations, plexiglass displays and cups for semifreddi or monoportions.
  • Werner feine Dragees

    Hanns G. Werner GmbH + Co. KG is a medium-sized, family-owned company of the confectionery industry.

    For more than 50 years our company is growing at the site in Tornesch, near the city of Hamburg.

    On an area of more than 7,000 square meters we are manufacturing 5,000 metric tons of dragées per year.

    Our customers are mainly manufacturers of sweets, chocolate and bakery products as well as wholesalers.

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    Charles M. Schulz

  • Working with Dasita is a pleasure

    Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel