Prancūzų tautiniai sausainiai MACARONS – šių dienų tendencija!

Pagaminkite savuosius Macarons, suteikdami savo mėgstamas spalvas ir skonius. Rinkitės skirtingus įdarus, gražinkite ir puoškite pagal savo Many different filling variations and the perfect decoration tips are available here.

Basic Recipe
1000 g Macarons
180–200 g Water

• Mix the ingredients for approx. 4 minutes at medium speed.
• Pipe the batter with a round tip (approx. 5 g each).
• Allow the Macarons to dry for approx. 30 minutes, before baking.

Baking Technology
• In a rack oven bake at 150 °C for approx. 18–19 minutes (air circulation on minimum level).
• In a deck oven bake at 155 °C for approx. 18 minutes.
• In a convection oven (shop oven) bake at 130 °C for approx. 14–15 minutes.

Please note
With 1200 g batter approx. 240 Macaron-bases will be produced, that means 120 Macarons. One baked Macaronbase has a weight of approx. 4,5 g.

Colouring Macarons
The Macaron-batter may be coloured with food colourings or colouring food extracts (for example beet root). The dosage varies depending on the colouring matter and desired colour.
Tip: Add the colour to the water and mix together with Macarons.

Basic Recipe Filling with Bianka or Bianka Soft
1000 g Bianka or Bianka Soft
1000 g Butter (soft)
500 g Water, cold

Whip up Bianka/Bianka Soft and Butter.
Add water step by step.
Whip up for approx. 10 min.

Basic Recipe Filling with Schokobella
1000 g Schokobella/Schokobella White
500 g Butter

Whip up till fluffy