Milk chocolate


The ingredients for milk chocolate are cocoa liquor, milk powder, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. Here again, the  proportions play an important role as they ensure either an intense to cocoa flavoured milk chocolate, a more creamy flavoured milk chocolate or even a chocolate with a predomonant caramel aroma.

Image Flavor Product Code Weight Partner
PIENINIS šokoladas (33.6% kakavos masės) 823NV-553 2.5 Kg
PIENINIS šokoladas (33.6% kakavos masės) 823NV-W79 1 Kg
PIENINIS šokoladas FONTANUI ( 37.8% kakavos masės) su padidintu kakavos sviesto kiekiu CHM-N823FOUNNV-553 2.5 Kg
PIENINIS šokoladas (33.6% kakavos masės).Blokas 823NV-120 5 Kg