Jelly drops GOCCE

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Ready-to-use product to garnish sweets, Italian Gelato, Italian semifreddo, etc.
Decoration of Gelato cups (fruit or cream), Gelato cakes, Italian semifreddo, etc
In confectionery and institutional catering to decorate desserts, “panna cotta”,
puddings, shortbread, bisquits, Petit Fours, plum cakes, cakes, etc.

Image Flavor Product Code Weight Partner
Želė lašeliai braškių skonio GOCCE RED 3100122 2 Kg
Želė lašeliai citrinų skonio GOCCE YELLOW . P619.24 2 Kg
Želė lašeliai žalio obuolio skonio GOCCE GREEN P620.24 2 Kg