Dark chocolates


There is a wide variety of dark chocolate recipes to choose from – each with its own unique taste sensation, ranging from extra bitter to mild and aromatic. Each recipe carries the Callebaut quality guarantee. That means that you can rely on the taste and quality of each Finest Belgian dark chocolate, as they remain constant – today, tomorrow and always.

And with the variety of liquidities offered, you will easily find the perfect dark chocolate for your application. The number of drops indicates the degree of liquidity.

Image Flavor Product Code Weight Partner
JUODASIS KARTUS šokoladas ( 70.4% kakavos masės) 70-30-38NV-553 2.5 Kg
JUODASIS šokoladas (53.8% kakavos masės) 811NV-W79 1 Kg
JUODASIS šokoladas (53.8% kakavos masės) 811NV-553 2.5 Kg
JUODASIS šokoladas (47.8% kakavos masės). Netinka glazūravimui, saldainių formų bei šokoladinių figūrų gamybai L811NV-554 10 Kg
JUODASIS šokoladas FONTANUI ( 56.8% kakavos masės) su padidintu kakavos sviesto kiekiu CHD-N811FOUNNV-553 2.5 Kg
DIETINIS JUODASIS šokoladas ( 53.8 % kakavos masės) su saldikliu CHD-N811FOUNNV-553 2.5 Kg
JUODASIS šokoladas (53.8% kakavos masės). Blokas. 811NV-120 5 Kg